25 July 2013

Mini Comets

We made some of these simple mini comets on our last camping trip. Easy to make and fun to play with  ... they make a good evening activity as they light up in the dark.

· Light, large bouncy ball that lights up on impact
· Knee high stocking, in grey or blue
· Various colours of ribbon to choose from
· Glow-in-the-dark plastic beading cord
· Star Beads


Put the ball in the toe of the stocking.

Tie a knot under the ball.

Tie the ribbons above the knot to help ensure they stay put while being flung about at high speeds.

Add as many ribbons as you like.

Tie the beading cord above the knot as well.

Tie on as many star beads as you like, or have the patience for, at various positions on the cord.

These are best played with in large open spaces. Once they are done, grab onto the nylon tail and swing the mini comet around in circles ... let go just before it looks like it's heading to the sky.