20 July 2013

Summer Fun Passport: Take a Cooking Class

Two years in a row now, Spud has chosen a cooking-themed summer day camp. In last year's day camp he made lava cake, corn soup, gnocchi, calzone, meringue, sorbet and other delicious things ... all from scratch! The whole affair was very impressive.

This year, just to mix things up a bit, we signed up at a new place, where they take a multi-disciplinary approach to the subject. While he still did a fair amount of cooking from scratch, he also did meal planning, went shopping within a given budget, did a power point presentation on nutrition to some younger day-campers, observed live yeast in action, and went on two field trips. One of which was to a neighbourhood sushi restaurant where he learned how to make a special smoked salmon nigiri requiring the use of a blow torch! Very cool. And a well-rounded week indeed.

Here's our full Summer Fun Passport List for 2013 and our passport we made to keep track of everything we accomplish this summer!