23 July 2013

Summer Fun Passport: Summer Night Markets

Another tick ... Summer Night Markets! Love them. And we are blessed to have 3 of them! We hit the Richmond Night Market for the first time this year. Love the larger than life, loud, crazy-busy nature of it all. Food stalls stretch as far as the eye can see offering all sorts of tasty morsels. If you are ever in the area make sure you bring cash, an empty stomach, and a sense of adventure.

We also checked out the Vancouver Chinatown Night Market this year which we've done a few times in previous years. It's closer to home but a fraction of the size, making it less likely you'll get jostled in a crush of people yet still offering a modest array of yummy Asian street food and shopping stalls.

The third market, which we've been to several times, is the International Summer Market, also in Richmond and voted by the BBC: Travel as one of the world's top night markets!

Here's our full Summer Fun Passport List for 2013 and our passport we made to keep track of everything we accomplish this summer!