21 June 2013

Summer Fun Passport List 2013

Happy First Day of Summer. Yesterday was Spud's last day of grade 3 and we are up and running for Summer 2013. And here's our second annual Summer Bucket List. As usual we have way more things than we can ever do in one summer. Luckily there is no pressure to do them all — there's always next year!

1. READ + WRITE + DO (because you've got to keep your skills sharp)

2. GO OUTSIDE (because summer is all about outside)

3. CREATE (because we love to make things!)
  • Make a Kite from a Kit
  • Do a Soapstone Carving
  • Make a Kiwi Crate Project
  • Draw a Castle (use our How to Draw A Castle book)
  • Make another Heart Map
  • Create Cityscape with Block Printing
  • Make a Klimt-inspired Art Piece (inspired by our trip to Vienna. See here + here.)
  • Make a Paper Weaving
  • Make a Bath Mural with Craft Foam
  • Decorate Mugs with Porcelain Pens (tutorial here)

4. EAT + DRINK (because it's about learning and having fun at the same time)
And I'm pinning other summer fun ideas here all the time.

Here's last year's list. Want to see all our last year's Passport ticks? Check 'em out here.