28 June 2013

Spud's London: 13 Favourite Things

Well, it's been over a year now since we visited London. And we miss it a lot. Here, in no particular order, are Spud's most missed spots:

· Hamley's Toy Shop: The 250 year old, multiple floor toy store was an obvious favourite. Spud found his treasured toy Tube trains there.

· Tower Bridge — where Spud got a tick on his life list, which was a 2-parter it turns out.

· The Tower of London — where spotting royalty was but one reason it left a lasting impression.

· The Tube — a true obsession.

· Big Ben. Although the first thing he said when he saw it in person was "It's not as big as I thought it would be". We have since learned though, that it is the 3rd tallest free-standing clock in the world and over 150 years old.

· The British Museum. Ancient Egypt and Greece. The Rosetta Stone. Clock, clocks, and more clocks. And a jaw dropping space.

· Harry Potter Studio Tour

· The London Eye

· Science Museum — Points to those who know what this is ...

· Bet you can't guess Spud's favourite part of the Tate Modern

· The Playground we stumbled across on our way to the Tower of London

· V & A

· And then there was that little kids Bookstore that someone directed us to ... a skinny shop ... with a few floors. No idea where it was now or what it was called. We enjoyed at least an hour there, browsing and picking out a few to take home. Not sure if it's on this list but we will take it with if we go again, it looks like a good one.

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