01 September 2008

Bubble Painting

I like painting outside because I worry so much less about making a mess. This notion led me to bring painting supplies on our last camping trip. Bubble painting is one of our favourites. Spud loves to blow bubbles and I love to take photos of the prettiness. And for awhile there our site housed a pretty sizable exhibition, drying beside our hanging tea towels.

· Fairly watered-down paint [if it's too saturated you won't get as much bubble definition in your paintings]
· Dish soap [several drops in each cup]
· Cups [fill each cup, about 1/3 full, with a different colour]
· Straws [one per person, per cup]
· Paper

It's a good idea to remind the young participants to blow and not to suck. Our little guy made the mistake of taking some of the soapy-painty goo into his mouth and then insisted on retiring his straw, for good. We talked about "getting back on the horse" which worked quite well, after some coaxing. Needless to say, non-toxic paint is a must here.