07 September 2008

Tooth Fairy So Soon?

Our little bub lost his first baby tooth! With no warning whatsoever. He handed something to Hubs early this morning and said "What is this?". Sure enough, it was his tooth. But he's not even 4 and half yet. Well frankly, I had no idea when this was supposed to happen so I went to google right away and found some answers on the topic. It seems that most kids start losing at age 5, 6 and 7 but that some kids start losing at 4 and 8. OK, so he's not a total freak of nature. Good to know. Just checking.

Oh. Sorry. You probably didn't want to see that.

Anyway, I was a little bummed by it all. I didn't feel prepared [he's growing up!]. And either did he. He was a bit teary about it at first. I think he thought he was to blame "I played with it too much" he noted twice. Of course we were able to spin the situation but I feel bad that we didn't have the opportunity to talk it up more, over time, and make it an exciting milestone. It just snuck up on us.

On top of it, we got home pretty late this evening, so I was scrambling on what to do with the precious little enameled nugget. This is what we whipped up while eating a late dinner, right before bedtime.

And, a couple of hours after he fell asleep, we just slipped in and replaced the tooth with some cold hard cash. As tradition would have it. Phew.

A little song on the topic.
A funny little story.
Some poetry.

And finally, this list of related books has inspired me to get to our library, asap.

What are your traditions at tooth fairy time? How did your parents deal with you losing teeth?