05 September 2008

Urban Harvest

Spud and I had the best time today after work, filling our bowl with the bounty from our middle-of-the-city deck; 4 types of apples and 3 types of tomatoes. "I know!" Spud exclaimed in such a way that said he just had the greatest idea in the whole world "We could be farmers!". Hmmm. Made me want to reconsider this urban living thing.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? Re-thinking urbanity? Or just a moment of agricultural romance? I would so love it if Spenser could come and help us bring in the harvest. We have potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, onions, beets and more to pull out. I think it would be so fun.


Jackie said...

For 5 good minutes I was thinking about it. Probably caught up in the romance...
; )

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