04 November 2008

Birthday Party: Indiana Jones

An afternoon spent digging for treasure, dodging boulders and poison arrows and romping through the jungle; it doesn't get any better than that for a 5 year-old's birthday party. A couple extremely creative and cool friends of ours [shout out to Elaine and Jason!] put on a super fun Indiana Jones party for their son's 5th birthday a few weeks back and we were invited! Spud had the time of his life.

Obstacle Course
The star of the party led the troops through the course to show them how it worked [he had been practicing all week so there was no stage fright]. The course was active and full of action, suspense, and imagination. It had it all.
1. balance on 2 x 4 into driveway
2. weave in and out of hedge bushes
3. run down drive way, dodging the large boulder [silver exercise ball] flying at you
4. follow a garden hose maze while dodging poison arrows [chopsticks tossed with purposefully bad aim by volunteer parent]
4. run to tree and swing over long rivers of lava [carefully raked leaves]

Treasure Hunt
Jewels in the sandbox could be found easily with sifters and small shovels. Those honing their bigger observation skills were rewarded with shiny, golden skulls [spray painted dollar store items] and small, smooth rocks cleverly hidden in trees, under bushes and on ledges throughout the backyard.

Jungle Trek
Through the back of the flower bed, against the fence, through some bushes, to the creek in the back yard and toward the bog. Not for the faint of heart.

Canvas sack with small adventurer snack [jelly beans] and a whip [whittled stick and brown ribbon]. Each kid filled the sack with all their findings from the Treasure Hunt. So smart. Spud couldn't wait to take his booty to show-and-tell at school and before long he had the teachers put on a treasure hunt of their own for the students that same afternoon!

Barbecue of course. Hot dogs for all. Tropical fruit. Tropical juice. Ants on a log [black ants AND red ants!]

The Temple of Doom. Made out of chocolate mud icing. And love. Decorated with candy skulls and rock candy. Complete with altar, ramp and large boulder [sucker] for the birthday boy.