21 November 2008

Photo Friday #1


From the gorgeous little colonial town of Trinidad to the white sand beaches of Cayo Coco was a long 4 hour drive on Cuban roads. This warranted a little "juice" break for everyone at a local cafe along the way.

You'll find other links to travel pics at Delicious Baby.


marina said...

wow, that looks like such a great afternoon. i love hanging out in a local restaurant with the family and just enjoying the day!!!
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heatheonhertravels said...

I'll chill out any time in a bar like that.

Dominique said...

I'm thirsty now! :)

Thanks for sharing a cute shot...

Jackie said...

Marina, Heather and Dominique, thanks for dropping by. And thanks for sharing your travel pics too. So much fun armchair travelling with you.
: )

globalgal said...

I don't have kids, yet, (Thinking about it.) so I don't know what it is like to travel with them. I like your photo and commentary. I just realized that it must be a lot of fun to travel with kids. You're probably forced to do things you might not do, like slow down and stop at that roadside cafe for juice. And who knows what kind of experiences you're in for there!

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