23 June 2009

Bloomin' Magic

I don't know what this is but whenever it blooms its waxy, heavenly-scented flowers I believe in magic for a moment. This is especially true because of the amount of neglect this plant gets from me.


Mama Goose said...

It's a Hoya!!

I took a clipping from my grandmother's plant 14 years ago when she passed away. I now have them all over the house. I just love it when they bloom. (They thrive on neglect!)

Have you ever tasted the nectar? I wish I could think of a way to harvest it to make a syrup.

Mmmm. Magic indeed.

Jackie said...

Mama Goose is back! Yay! Thanks for this. A Hoya! I love my Hoya. And thank goodness for its tolerance of my neglect. I've noticed the drips and would never even considered tasting them ... until now! Thanks.
: )

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