23 June 2009

Robot Fabric Arrived

Oh, I'm so smitten with spoonflower. Look what arrived today! Four of my custom designs digitally printed on 100% cotton ... ready to sew!

Here's Robot Gear Garden

And with some coordinating stripes and Gear Constellations

UPDATE: Available at Spoonflower.

Robot Fabric Designs
Robot Coordinating Fabric Designs


Mama Goose said...

So cool! What are you going to make?

Brooke and Mike said...

you totally need to be a fabric designer. Your fabrics are awesome.

Jackie said...

I don't even know what I'm going to make. I just like making fabric it turns out. So far anyway. We'll see.
: )

Jackie said...

Thanks Brooke / Mike. I would LOVE to be a fabric designer. I just wish I could sew.
; )

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