07 June 2009

Preggers Book

OK. This is so embarrassing. I've been meaning to put together a 'scrapbook' of sorts documenting my pregnancy with Spud, since it was easily one of the highlights of my life and I'm not sure I'm ever going to have the opportunity to experience anything like it again.

Its 50 pages include pictures of our trip to Hawaii racing dragon boats [in between the times of me barfing and snoozing] and prenatal class shots and preggers-me doing photo shoots with NHL hockey players and mascots. It also includes a mini bio of all Spud's grandparents. Among other things. And I just sent it off today to Blurb ... um ... 5 years later.

This is what I wrote on the intro page ...
"Dearest ...
I put this book together for the both of us. I wanted to put some of these memories on paper so that I could look back and remember how special it was to be pregnant with you. It was a highlight of my life and an experience for which I am forever grateful. This book is also for you because I wanted you to know how loved you were from the very beginning. When you grow up, and you have those bad days where you doubt yourself, and you will because everyone does, I hope the power of love in these pages will help you get through it. Sometimes on bad days, that’s all you have. And all you need. Love, Mama."

I Heart Blurb