22 June 2009

Grouse Mountain Summer Season


So when I decided to send hubs up the mountain for a zip line tour at Grouse Mountain, I debated whether Spud and I should come up with him or if we should just meet up with him after. The debate was partially fueled by the fact that taking the gondola up to the top of Grouse Mountain is a little pricey. But, as we found out, there IS loads of stuff to do there ... even in the summer ... and Spud and I had a great time while hubs was zipping through the forest.

First, there is the wildlife ...

Here's Bambi, not the least bit afraid of me taking this shot.

And the 2, large, somewhat intimidating Grizzly Bears behind an electrified fence.

Even some bear love? Hard to say.

A chairlift ride.

A parking lot for snow grooming equipment, which goes to show you that you never know what is going to fascinate the wee ones.

And a couple of free entertaining shows ... the lumberjack show and birds of prey demonstration.

For lunch we went to the Altitudes Bistro upstairs in the Chalet which really wasn't very family-friendly at all. We waited over an hour for our lunch and the food was not worth the wait ... or the price. Much of the lounge-type seating in the centre of the restaurant, where they sat us, is uncomfortable for eating, especially for the shorter ones in your family where their chins are at table height. After about 45 minutes of trying to entertain our bub in our awkward space we asked if we could move to one the 6 empty tables with normal sized furniture. They declined our request. A better bet would have been to grab a simple slice of pizza in the downstairs self serve restaurant. Or better yet, pack a picnic!