17 September 2009

Apples and Love

Yesterday morning's snack.

· Grandee's homemade apple sauce from the apple tree in her backyard and made with love
· Carrots
· Pretzels
· Sausage/Cucumber skewers


Mama Goose said...

Jackie, I finally found some bento type containers here. I'm still searching for skewers and other cool stuff. I am enjoying your photos and inspiring ideas. Finn has really benefited from them and is always surprised at what I send him for lunch! Now if only I could get him to eat a vegetable!!! :) Thanks so much! - ~Nell

featherbed said...

I love your bento style!! fun fun!

Jackie said...

Mama Goose! I'm so happy for you guys. Yay for finding bento supplies. I hope we see pictures ... we will see pictures, right?
: )

Anonymous said...

I found an interesting British version on video although not the equal of yours still fun to watch

Jackie said...

What a nice link! He has a very swishy bento box I like a lot. I think it'll be awhile before I could get Spud to try out some of those foods though ... I'll work on it.
; )

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