16 September 2009

Keeping it Simple: Pineapple Maple Yogurt

I'm trying to stay away from those pre-mini-prepackaged-all-jacked-up-on-sugar-and-gelatin-type yogurts. I've had some success feeding Spud yogurt lately, when I add fruit and honey or maple syrup to a regular fat content yogurt. My latest concoction was a hit.

I whizzed up a handful of pineapple chunks with a glug of maple syrup. Then added it to some high quality, organic, plain yogurt and we had it for dessert ... and snack time the next day. Sure, it's still sugary, but at least I know what's in it; I can read all the ingredients. Who needs so much guargum in their lives anyway? Blech.

And with handy little containers like these, it's easy to pack them in bentos with mini spoons ... just as much fun to eat.