08 September 2009

Happy First Day of School

Spud's bento on his first day of Kindergarten ... I should pack some tissues too ... for me!


6 yellow M+Ms inside the wee bear


This is the new bento that Hubs found at Whole Foods. Two layers of stainless steel!
Apple cubes
Cherry Tomatoes
Ladybug cookie [I found these at Costco and keep them in the freezer to add as a treat]
Havarti/Corned Beef Sandwich
2 more cookies! It is his first day after all.

Wow. From baby to Kindergarten in a flash. Phew.


Judy said...

I am a new reader and Love your ideas. How in the world do your child to eat that healthy lunch? This has always been a struggle for us. Oh, Love the container by the way. I am off to Whole Foods tomorrow and I am sooo picking a couple of them up.

Thanks for your inspiration.

featherbed said...

too cute!! I love your little lunches!!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the nice words guys. I don't know about the healthy lunch ... I think maybe starving him into submission is the trick. Kidding!

But seriously, by the end of the school day, when I picked him up, he had half a sandwich left as well as all 3 of the cherry tomatoes, all of the grapes and half the apples. The rest was gone. On the way home he was so hungry that he devoured all the leftovers. I'm pretty sure this wouldn't work with spinach or beets ... but hey, I just might try it one day.
; )

Thanks for popping by!
: )

Judy said...

ok, now I feel better.
I noticed he didn't leave the sweet treat behind. Sounds normal to me :)

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