19 September 2009

Pigeon Follies #1

Spud's kindergarten doesn't have a class pet like a hamster or guinea pig. It has a pigeon.

Each day the assigned "Busy Bee" child [eg teacher helper] takes home the Pigeon Backpack. The pack includes Pigeon, of course, and 4 Pigeon books. [if you don't know these books ... you need to. They are great.] and a journal where each kid documents their time with the Pidge.

Spud was the Busy Bee on Friday so we are lucky enough to have it all weekend! Our first adventure with Pigeon follows:

1. Spud said yesterday that he wanted to go Venice. Off to the library to find some books about Venice.

2. Pigeon rides the rail down to the childrens' section.

3. Look Pigeon, they use boats instead of cars.

4. And look! There are pigeons in Venice too!

5. Off we go!

It's late now and Spud is off to sleep. Tomorrow we'll put this together in the journal along with his drawing of the two of them sleeping together and some words too. Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

What an engaging idea.
He'll have stories to tell
come Monday.

Jackie said...

Thanks! It's going to be so fun to see the progress of the journal and its wee entries about Pigeon's travels. Looking forward to it.


Judy said...

My son's preschool did this! It was a lot of fun for the kids. Everytime It was my son's turn for "zeke" the dog, I would give him a ride in the dryer, on high, before the spotted dog would sleep close to my son's head. You never know where "zeke" could have been in his previous travels. *wink*

Jackie said...

Judy, that is SO smart! Pigeon happens to be pretty squeeky clean right now, I happen to know that he's new. But how long will that last! Pidgy will definitely be going for a ride before bedtime. Thanks for the tip!
; )

Mammagiramondo. said...

Hi Jackie it was great to have you visiting my blog again!!:)
I love this kind of thing like having a class pet and a "busy Bee" child!!
As always you have made a great and original work!! that picture with Spud "flyng" under Venice'sea it's really fun and great. You have probably already done the journal but just in case or for the future you can use all my italian pictures if you need.
here you can find something about venice: http://mammagiramondo.blogspot.com/2009/06/un-sogno-venezia.html


Jackie said...

mammagiramondo! i really LOVE the photos. you are right, the journal entry is done. well, this one is done. they will happen every few weeks. and spud is VERY interested in venice right now so you never know ...

thanks for popping by!

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