24 February 2011

Making a List and Checking it Twice

So things may be heating up in Morocco. But we are not letting that stop us from preparing for this trip. Yesterday the family was chatting about what would happen if we couldn't go there ... and Spud piped up "We need a plan B! I think plan B should be Pennsylvania!". We could not stop laughing at the apparent randomness of this choice. "Why!?" I asked. "Well, I think Pennsylvania has a really cool name and it's in America and America has some cool stuff so I think if we went there and we looked for cool stuff we would find it!". Very well said, I thought. I know he's right. But with Morocco being plan A, Pennsylvania has some pretty big shoes to fill.

Anyway, the other day I spent some quality time on our packing list. On google docs of course. I stumbled across this fun site where you answer a bunch of questions about your trip and then it generates a list for you. Of course it won't have everything you specifically want to take but it turned out to be an excellent starting point for us. It even knew I wanted to bring a sketchbook!