26 February 2011

Travelling with Doggie Tags


While planning for a trip, I like to come up with possible nightmares. Well, 'like' isn't exactly what I would call it but ... you know ... it's what I do. Nightmare 1: We are wandering through the souq in Fes and Spud suddenly gets lost in the crowd. 

Now I know this isn't going to happen; he has never been lost, in all his almost 7 years, for more than about 45 seconds. It's not in his nature. But when I run through all the 'what if' scenarios about travelling with kids, this one comes up for me time and time again. So this is what we've done as a back up plan to just never having him leave our sight ...

Dog tags. Weird? Kinda creepy? But I feel better knowing that he has all the information he could need to help someone find us if the worst should happen. It includes our names and an email address we created just for emergencies; if anyone emails to it, it will automatically get forwarded to family at home.

OK, wait, it gets better. In the back of the bottom one you can see that it's white. That's paper covered with some acetate for protection. I made a whole bunch of little paper tags where we will put our hotel information as we go along.

There. I feel better now. Back to happy-fun-travel thoughts.