21 May 2013

Playful Learning: Put Ups + Put Downs


We've signed up for another Playful Learning eCourses! Love these courses. This one is called Put-ups and Put-downs. As a bonus, the subject matter supports a very similar message they are working on in Spud's class this year so the timing is perfect!

First I watched the parents' video to learn a bit about the concept, which is really quite simple; sharing how words and behaviour have the power to effect someone else's feelings (with an important reminder to watch our own words and actions as parents!).

Next, Spud and I watched the kids' video, which is very well done. It's engaging (and adorable) and successfully got the message across to Spud, loud and clear. Next we participated in an online activity to support what we learned. And finally, as suggested, we've set up a little Put-ups Station (using free printables) where we've been having endless fun making put-up notes for each other.

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