01 September 2013

Summer Fun Passport: Hike-in Camping!

Spud has done a fair amount of "Car Camping". And loves it. Normally. But Hubs' favourite kind of camping is "Hike-in Camping". It would be my favourite too if it had showers and I didn't have to sleep on the ground. I really like our cushy bed in our roof top tent and our outdoor shower!

Anyway, we did an overnight "test" to see how the family likes it, as a whole. And it was epic. In so many ways. I mean, check out the pics!

We went to a spot that Hubs used to go to with his uncle when he was young. Those were important times and good memories. I was excited to see the place I'd heard so much about. And boy, is it stunning. The weather was amazing too.

But there was also A LOT of whining from our little city kid. (and a bit from me too). Too much dirt and bugs and well, nature, frankly. He said he would do it again though. My aching bones after sleeping on the ground said "no". We'll see. Maybe "Canoe Camping" is more our thing? If we can load it up with some cushy luxuries.

Here's our full Summer Fun Passport List for 2013 and our passport we made to keep track of everything we accomplish this summer!