26 April 2010

Birthday Party: Egyptian Theme


Yup, that's Spud in robber garb, inviting his wee friends to raid tombs and build Ancient Egyptian stuff with clay.

Note I took a few liberties on some of the hieroglyphics; balloons, the number 6, a birthday cake. Hee.

We booked the party at a local kids art studio and they led the kids in each making a clay sphinx.

The studio is going to fire them and we can pick them up in a few weeks. Can't wait!

Photos of all the little fired sphinxes are up!

Desert and Water Colour Inspired TABLE SETTING
Golden, sandy coloured tablecloth and water blue napkins. Some of the cups were blue and some jewel encrusted [re-purposed from a pirate theme]. Spud's Playmobil Sphinx and loot bag containers as a centrepiece.

Happy Birthday BANNER
For the banner I alternated the backgrounds between papyrus, water, and an Egyptian stripe motif [I photographed the black and gold stripes on Hubs headdress modeled below] on triangles. We cut out each one, punched two holes on the top, and simply strung them on some twine.

Treasure Birthday CUPCAKES
Each of the wee guests' blue or beige [water and sand coloured] cupcake had a shiny new quarter hidden in them. We slit a hole on the side of the cupcake paper, at the bottom, and inserted a quarter that was wrapped in a small square of wax paper.

Nile Water PUNCH
Organic Pomegranate Blueberry juice with raspberry sorbet added.

Treasure-themed LOOT BAGS
1. Candy Bag. Each child took a turn raiding the pyramid.

· chocolate gold coins
· gold chocolate ball
· silver heart chocolate candies
· gold and deep blue MMs [found at bulk candy shop]
· candy ring [not shown here]
· gummy snake protecting the loot

2. Treasure Bag

[Spud worked very hard drawing the Nile on his little tomb container here. At some point he declared "I've just about finished colouring the longest river in the world!". [He started to complain about having a sore hand from colouring so much and Hubs stepped in to finish it up.]

Spud and I took some books out of the library that taught us a bunch about hieroglyphics in a kid friendly way. We shared the task of decorating the treasure bags, each one totally unique.

· Glow in the dark bracelet
· Gold bead necklace
· Play snake
· Craft gems
· Egyptian play figures

Personalized THANK YOU CARDS
I took notes of what Spud said when he opened each present and added a quote to each thank you card.

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· Jungle Party inspired by Curious George
· Indiana Jones Party activities and food
· Robot Party Activity: Control Panel Craft


Mammagiramondo. said...

Unbelievable. That's really great!
You're fantastic. I have no words.
Aj loves all about Egypt. We have visited the big Museum in Torino and we'll soon make the cruise on the Nile.

Mama Goose said...

Jackie, that is so awesome! Seriously, can you come to Maine to do O's 4th birthday next month? ; )

Jackie said...

You guys are SO cute! Thank you.

Mammagiramondo, you're son is lucky to see Egypt for real! My husband and I toured there pre-baby. It would be cool to take Spud there now. But it's so far for us. We'll see. Can't wait to hear about your travels.

Mama Goose ... hmmmm ... I've always wanted to go to Maine. It's quite a bit closer than the Nile ...
; )


Kim @ Frost Me! said...

What a great theme! I have a friend who would LOVE this party - have to pass it along!

Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
party inspiration

Andrew Burgon said...

Wow, some awesome ideas here. You're invitation card is the best I've seen and making a Spinx is a really cool idea.

Two ideas in return.

* Slide show of the most awesome Egyptian things playing on the HDTV in the background. If it's a party for children I'd eventually sit them down and do a little presentation about the Sphinx, the wonders of the pyramids, tombs, the goddess Isis and the Egyptian Phoenix bird.

* Playing Michael Jackson's music video, Remember the Time. There's a great part in that where they are doing Egyptian inspired dancing. I'd have a few prizes to see who can do the best impersonation! Lol

Jackie Boucher said...

Thanks, Andrew, for the nice words. And cool ideas too! Makes me want to have another Egyptian-themed party!
: )

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