18 May 2010

Orange-hued Lunch Today

The top layer has a variety of orangy-coloured foods and accessories today ... for no particular reason ...
· Cheddar cheese bits
· 2 Apple slices [peeled as Spud has recently acquired a hate on for skins of any type ... great!]
· 1/2 a Kiwi
· 3 Mini Carrots
· 1 Strawberry
· And an orange puppy stashing 3 chocolate rosebuds ... shhhhh.

The middle tier is half filled with Pirate Booty [leftover from our travel junk food stash]

In the bottom tier is wholewheat hot dog bun filled with Mortadella, cut in half.

Spud's Tiffin, all packed up and ready to go.

It's no accident that the healthiest stuff is on the top layer, in hopes that he goes there first at snack time. A mama can dream can't she?