30 May 2010

Salad Bowls Made out of Bacon?

Who needs bacon bits? Found this gem of a recipe at not martha via Tip Junkie.

First, Hubs carefully wove the bacon over the back of a tin-foiled muffin tin.

Next, he cooked it in a 400°F oven, rotating it regularly, for about 30 minutes. And he didn't forget to put a cookie sheet underneath it to catch the bacon drippings, which surely spared us from all sorts of smoke billowing in our apartment.

We made these a day ahead of needing them and kept them in the fridge. Right before our guest arrived we tossed in a wee salad into each 'bowl'.

· Salad greens
· Olives
· Tomato
· Boursin cheese
· Pear slices
· Dressing: balsamic vinegar, olive oil, maple syrup

This was Spud's version ... the same as ours without the greens and dressing. He gobbled it all up.