28 May 2010

Photo Friday #24

We marveled at the architecture.

Appreciated the fountains.

Took in the views.

And then we participated in a little 30 minute art class for munchkins [we signed up for it in the main lobby a couple of hours in advance, as they fill up quickly].

The teacher introduced us to their collection of 250 year old French furniture and asked us to examine the rooms looking for examples of "nature" motifs carved in the the exhibit pieces to share with the group later. We observed lions feet, birds, grapes, apples etc. Spud was surprisingly taken in by the ornate details and insisted that we photograph a number of the pieces.

Next, we were introduced to a couple of pots as examples of collaborative work between two countries. The teacher said "Now you and your parents are going to be France and China, working together, decorating your own pot". Very cute.

You can see the pot we used for inspiration in the background here.

Hubs was France as he added the gold as directed by Spud. And Spud and I did our best to be China. Now Spud has a little keepsake box as a souvenir.

Unfortunately we ran out of time quickly and didn't even get a chance to do this! Must go back one day.

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