02 May 2010

Our Santa Monica Hotel


OK, so I can't exactly tout this find as kid-friendly. It's not exactly. Perhaps kid-accepting with some small issues. First I will tell you why I love this place and then the kid related caveats.

First of all, it's very stylish and our research turned The Ambrose up as having the best value. The aesthetic is Asian meets California "Green" with a bit of whimsy thrown in.

What are these hearts on the end of these 3 red banners? I don't know. But I love them.

A yummy continental breakfast is included and is served in the lobby each morning. And my favourite part? This taxi!

For free [well, a tip for the driver], this taxi will take you to restaurants or sites in the area and pick you up again when you call. Saves headaches of parking down at the Pier or navigation problems in the big city. And in a stylish, old car too!

The downsides then? The room we had was quite small [although it had a very nice sized patio]. Especially once we put in the roll-away cot for Spud. Nothing we couldn't work around of course. And there was a very tall, thin, precarious mirror that surely would have been knocked over by Spud if he was any younger. It was easy enough to tuck out of the way though. And there were one or two other breakable items around that would have made me nervous with a toddler.

That's it. Otherwise, it was a perfect stay.