12 April 2012

Rice Balls for Lunch

In an attempt to reduce the amount of bread in my kid's lunches I've busted out our rice ball mold. Had to dust it off actually because it's been awhile. First I tried making them with a little canned salmon in the middle, seasoned with a splash of soy sauce and a bit of sesame oil (not too much or the liquid will make the ball fall apart). They were a hit! I gave Spud 2 in his lunch on Monday and he said he wished there were 5!

Today I tried it with meatball. I took one small leftover meatball and quartered it. Then I added warmed leftover Japanese short grain rice to the bottom of the mold (cold rice doesn't work as well). Popped in the meat and put more rice on top.

Put on the lid and sqeeeeeeze.

Ta-dah! It's really easy. If you are using leftovers it's no more difficult than making a traditional sandwich.

And look at this clever tab on the bottom to help you pop out the rice ball. So smart.

So these 4 are for tomorrow's lunch. If I could make them faster than he eats them then I could actually try freezing some for future lunches!