30 April 2012

Spud's Vienna: 6 Favourite Things

Here it is. Spud's official top 6 experiences he had in our recent 5 day visit to Vienna.

6. The Easter Market. This would probably be higher on the list if we were allowed to actually buy something but those gorgeous delicate eggs would never have made it home in tact.

Decorated eggs as far as the eye can see ...

5. Hot Dogs. Not just ordinary hot dogs. Awesome, giant hot dogs that are way less messy than at home ... read this earlier post to find out what makes them so special.

4. Transportation. We took trams and the underground as much as possible. From our perspective it was all clean and safe and reliable. From Spud's perspective, well, it was about things that go. That says it all.

3. Photographing architecture. Spud is in love with structures of all types. Modern and antique alike. So he was in his heaven; whether taking a little trip out to the Hapsburg's summer palace or spontaneously popping into a random church in the city ... happy kid.

2. Making bread at Zoom, the Kindermuseum. And eating it! Posted earlier here.

1. Riding the over 100 year old ferris wheel! Not to mention the other rides. And just taking in the fair-like festivities after dark.