27 April 2012

Strolling to Stephansdom


We did and saw a lot of cool stuff in our 5 days in Vienna. But some of my favourite sort of travel days are the ones where nothing much seems to happen ... where you just get a chance to quietly take it all in. Our first morning was like that. 

We arrived to our flat late in the night and being jet lagged we were up and out pretty early the next day. We started to walk. All we really knew was that we were going south, towards the old centre using their famous old church, known as the Steffl as our destination. We purposefully just trundled along, not over mapping or planning, perhaps hoping that we would take a wrong turn and see something unexpected. It didn't really matter where we were going, we just wanted to be there. 

Unfortunately the walk only took about 30 minutes and we didn't get lost. But we had fun admiring the architecture, old and shiny-new, and the canal, and the trams, and bike lanes, and just all the things that were different from home. And then finally to the grand European square, Stephansplatz, and the Steffl itself. 

Hubs and I have seen many, many old churches, and it's easy to find one thing or another to appreciate about each one. But Spud, being born and raised in a city where a building is considered old if it was constructed in the 1930s, was in his little heaven. He's always had a passion for architecture and it was a treat to hand him the camera and watch him take it all in. So some of these shots are mine, some Hubs', and some Spud's ...