07 April 2012

Oh My, Our Baby is 8!

Home from our Vienna + London trip yesterday ... sad to leave, happy to sleep in our own beds, playing with jet lag (or jet legs as we now call it), safe and sound. Wow, I have a million ideas for posts about our travels. But first we must celebrate our little guy's 8th birthday. The jet lag meant we were all up at 4 am which gave us plenty of time to do a little decoration in celebration. 

We had some well-loved people over for a little celebration lunch. We knew we wouldn't be up for anything elaborate so the food was brought to you by Costco for the most part. 

Oh and some Flake bars in ice cream (a yummy treat we had in London) and butter beer (cream soda and whipping cream, a yummy treat we had at the Harry Potter studio tour, but more about that later).

Happy birthday to our sweet little bub.

PS I forgot to mention that our butter beer is way too red to be authentic! The red kind of cream soda is all we could find on short notice. We tried making it more brown with food colouring with not much success. It would be easier to get it the right, light brown, colour if we started with clear.