21 April 2012

Vienna's Kindermuseum and The Museum Quarter

We didn't get near enough time to explore this area of Vienna but the museum quarter is in my top favourites list. Museum after museum and a several cool gathering places that are well used for meet ups and hanging out. I liked the artsy-hipster people-watching. Spud found fun places to explore and play. Coming from Vancouver, a similar sized city but with nothing even close to this level of cultural coolness, I have serious museum envy.

Love the versatility of these structures that make benches for sharing and mini tunnels for climbing around in. And they are mobile!

Here's the modern art museum. Love it when old meets crazy big, bold and new. Makes me so happy.

Here's the Leopold where we saw some Klimt and loads of Schiele. One of my highlights for sure.


The workshop that we signed up for was all about food. It covered many aspects including nutrition, production, issues around famine, and even the social side of food like the act of breaking bread with friends and family. The whole space was incredibly interactive (and beautifully designed!).

Spud is making bread!

Here Spud is choosing from different plates of meals, and putting them in the boy's "stomach" to see whether he declares them healthy or not. In German. The staff were genuinely lovely and helpful and even translated this activity for Spud.

After taking in all the exhibits while the bread baked, it was time to sit down and eat. Here are Spud's creations. They must have been good because he gobbled it all up.

TIP: The museum runs on a workshop-style basis so you have to sign up for a particular time, rather than showing up and hoping to just browse around at your leisure. It's worth it!