16 July 2012

My 365 Grateful Project: Week #10

Find Something For Which to Be Grateful. Every Day. Take a Picture of It. Repeat 365 times.

DAY 64: July 9, 2012

New reads from thoughtful friends. #365grateful

DAY 65: July 10, 2012

My office. On wheels. #365grateful

DAY 66: July 11, 2012

Sharing sweet treats in the park. #365grateful

DAY 67: July 12, 2012

Thank you window washer, for not skipping over our windows
this time. Nice to see you deck. 

DAY 68: July 13, 2012

Pretty, soaking up the sun. #365grateful

DAY 69: July 14, 2012

Tooling around the Capilano River #365grateful

DAY 70: July 15, 2012

Two quiet happy Bubs having outdoor movie night
on the deck #IglooAndaLaptop #365grateful

See Week one here.
Check out my original inspiration here and here.

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