11 July 2012

Painting — en plein air


Grab the portable sketchbox and go outside! That's what we did; painted — en plein air.

The funniest part of our afternoon was when Spud drew this little raven on a rock (below). He wanted his painting to be spooky. We brainstormed what sort of spooky things could be in the painting. He put little ghosts, bats, owls and ravens. When he drew this little guy, he moaned loudly, 'oh noooooooooo!!!".

Oh my. I was very worried by his strong reaction. "What's wrong!?". "He's WAY too cute to be scary!!!". We laughed until we cried. It's true. He's pretty darn cute.

Another entry in our Summer Fun Passport

We took the Summer Bucket List Challenge. Our working list is here.