14 July 2012

Free Outdoor Movie!


Have I mentioned that we love summer? Free outdoor movies is just one reason. These events are popping up all over town. Last year we saw Back to the Future in Stanley Park and Rio in some park on the North Shore. This year, so far, Old Yeller, a Nat Bailey Stadium (Yes, I cried. The kid didn't!).

It looks like a small screen and far, far away but it wasn't as bad as it looks. Well, you get used to it, anyway. And the sound is good. Also good is that because it's not a projection screen, rather a stadium-style screen that can hold its own even in bright sunlight, the start time is a nice kiddie friendly 7 pm. Much earlier than the 9 or 10 start time of the others that have to wait for dusk!

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be one really good place to find out where and when ALL the movies are happening. Part of the challenge is that it's not one organization putting it all together; different companies and different sponsors. Vancouver Magazine has a pretty good list going. Here are some listings for the 'burbs as well. There's even a rumour of "drive-in" style movies popping up in mall parking lots! But I haven't found those yet. When/if I do, sign us up!

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